Types of Patent Searching

Hello Readers! This is the first post from our series “Patent Searching” we’ve started earlier. Let’s start with “Types of Patent Searching”. Patent searching is basically an art to retrieve the relevant Patent information from the huge collection of available resources. Patent searching can be broadly classified as: State-of-the Art Search Freedom to Operate Search... Continue Reading →


Patent Searching – A Series Bundled With a Glimpse of Patent Databases

Hello readers. We are happy to see you here again after a long time. Freshly, starting with a new series “Patent Searching”, we hope you will enjoy learning with us. The series will follow part by part covering following topics: Types of Patent Searching Patent Databases Understanding the Patent Database Choice of Keywords Our next... Continue Reading →

Have You Protected Your IP?

Dear Reader, Thank you for reading my recent posts. This post is concerned with Intellectual Property and its significance in Academic Research. Technology is emerging day by day, so the access to resources is. Access to this vast information makes the ideas meet opportunities. Resources availability, User requirements and the path for its fulfillment keeps... Continue Reading →

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