Have You Protected Your IP?

Dear Reader, Thank you for reading my recent posts. This post is concerned with Intellectual Property and its significance in Academic Research. Technology is emerging day by day, so the access to resources is. Access to this vast information makes the ideas meet opportunities. Resources availability, User requirements and the path for its fulfillment keeps... Continue Reading →


Disturbing Trends in IP News – The Interested Layman and Lack of Awareness

  Recently we had a good post by SPICY-IP team on the disturbing trends in IP News - The Interested Layman and Lack of Awareness. Surprisingly, the root lies at particular media who're not interpreting or representing the matter properly with its original essence. The post is titled as "The Disturbing Trend of Inaccuracy in IP... Continue Reading →

“Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Awards”

“GYTI” celebrates the spirit of student innovation in all the fields of engineering, science, technology and design through extremely affordable/frugal solution or the ones pushing the technological edge. Recently, “The Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards 2017” ceremony had been successfully organized on 5th March 2017, at the Festival of Innovations (FOIN), March 4-11, 2017 hosted... Continue Reading →

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